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Playwright Opts For G Rating

by John Darcy,
Beacon Free Press

Beacon - A kinder, gentler underworld where errant mobsters are relegated to restaurant work.

A mortuary, though offering deep discounts, is paid off in deposit beer cans...

The tie that binds the two comedies by Beacon playwright Nicholas Conti is that endangered species of the entertainment world, a G rating.

"I think it's good, in this day and age, that more and more publishing houses are catering to church groups, schools and the like," Conti says.

The two one-act plays, "Godmother I" and "The Legacy," were published recently for performance purposes by Drama Source. The company provides a script service for productions of family-friendly plays and music.Besides the publisher's G-rated-only interests, Conti signed on with Drama Source to realize "my aspirations of actually having the plays produced."

While he awaits a production of "Godmother I" and "the Legacy," his "Alessandro" was performed in a staged reading at the Depot Theater in Garrison two years ago.

Conti takes on the role of writer after many years on the other side of the footlights. As an actor, he appeared on the big screen in the classic film, "the Hustler" and was also in the highly regarded "Love with the Proper Stranger".

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